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EPC-Sittard RollerTest

EPC-Sittard RollerTest


Yesterday evening 23/05/2013 we went to EPC Sittard to try to improve the performance from the scooter. We left around 15.30h and arrived at 18:00h in Sittard. The 150km journey to EPC was not in vain!

My first run on the Tovami was not good at all. I scored 19hp when i open the throttle and after 5seconds my BHP dropped to 15 BHP....

epc testbank ruimte en jolien

Sarik did the testing on the tovami and he changed :

- Overrange Poulies
- Weights Vario
- Gliders Vario
- Shimming the vario (lining out the beld)
- New outtake for exhoust (flens)
- Lined out the outtake on the exhoust for better flow
- EPC sticker = +2BHP! lol

When we came in, the powerline from my scooter on the tovami, wasn't any good. After a few hours, the powerline was very nice en straight!
The max BHP was around 20hp! Not bad for a T7 from 2006 and 2000mhr exhoust!

Black line = first run
Red line = Last run from the day

Click on image to enlarge
testbank epc 20hp

We also bought new Official SOBW dunlop tt92 tyres... Its a downgrade from the PMT's tyres that i love so much! Rules are rules... I will get over it! i hope ...

Very special thanks to EPC Sarik and Meran Roufs that helped me to get the scooter in a more competion-level power!



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